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Induction sealing, also known as cap sealing, hermetically seals the tops of glass and plastic containers by heating an inner seal. After filling and capping, these induction sealers seal the aluminum laminated lining to the top (bunghole) of plastic or glass containers. We carry manual induction sealers, semi-automatic induction cap sealers and continuous induction sealers. Some of the continuous induction models include a conveyor belt. Using this high-quality equipment that is designed for a variety of industries will help streamline and speed up your production line while producing professional, uniform results.

Our manual induction sealers are made for hand-held operation and are very easy to use. Depending on the model, features include quick set-up, fuse protection, automatic overheat protection, control panel and digital up/down timer. Because they're portable, they can be easily moved to exactly where they're needed. These compact, portable induction sealers are extremely affordable, and we often have quality refurbished units available.

The continuous induction sealers from SRI SAI PACK provide fully automated sealing of glass and plastic containers. The SRI SAI PACK models have features like stainless steel construction, easy operation, adjustable motorized conveyor belt, adjustable rolling casters, adjustable container size and forced air cooling system. Advantages of using an induction system from SRI SAI PACK includes protection against airborne pollutants and tampering, stable humidity levels, no product leakage, flavor preservation, extended shelf life and professional appearance of products. The SRI SAI PACK units have a compact, portable design and are made to save power. They have built-in protection alarms and microprocessor controls. The SRI SAI PACK induction cap sealing machines are safe to use and reliable. Depending on the model, other features may include a universal sealing head, digital control panel, conveyor mounting system, intuitive touch screen and password protection with operator lockout.

You'll also find induction liners, with a guide on how to choose the right model for your equipment. For more than 25 years, SRI SAI PACK has been a leading supplier of top quality, affordable packaging machinery and supplies.

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