Single Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machin

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine is the designed for customers according to their special requirement working condition. The design of this machine is met the requirement of lower worktable condition, and it’s also characterized in the simple structure, steadily capability and easily maintaining. The vacuum packaging machines, manufactured by Dajiang, have been much improved and optimized on the basis of the previous technology in the leading position in the market known as the appearance and quality, Especially for our special designed gemel device of machine lid which could reduce the working intensity dramatically in daily working life. The working efficiency of vacuum packaging is depend on the exhaust port of vacuum pump, the vacuum pump capacity which listed in format is standard one, if customers require to big one, it could be configured based on enough inner space of machine.


  • Extremely easy to operate.
  • All clear acrylic chamber lid.
  • Rugged all stainless steel chassis.
  • Floor type machine conveniently equipped with casters for transportation.
  • All areas in contact with product made with PTFE or stainless steel.
  • Rear retainer brackets to secure lid for machine storage or transportation.
  • Chamber Dimensions:
    Length: 201/2 inches (520 mm)
    Width: 201/2 inches (520 mm)
    Height: 6 3/8 inches ( 162.4mm)
  • Equipped with two sealing bars with one extra wide seal element each.
  • Bag holders assembly for each bar to hold the bags while packaging.
  • Distance between parallel sealing bars 17 1/8 inches ( 179.5mm).
  • Equipped with vacuum gauge for vacuum level indication.
  • Seal height 0.393 inches (10 mm).
  • Seal width length of seal bar: 20 3/8 inches ( 518mm).
  • Heat element width (0.15 mm / 0.0059 inches)
  • 5 independent programmable settings

Digital Control Panel

  • Programmable vacuum duration (in seconds). From 0 Seconds- 99 Seconds.
  • Impulse seal time adjustment (in seconds). From 0 Seconds- 6 Seconds.
  • Main Switch, located at one side of the machine for easy access.

Vacuum Pump Specifications

  • Oil-filled rotary vacuum pump equipped with oil level indicator.
  • Maximum vacuum pressure 0.1MPa (29.6 in Hg)
  • Pump's exhaust Volume in 20 m3/h.
  • Direct driving with no belts or gears
  • Air-Cooling system
  • Oil volume 1/2 liter
  • Low vibration
  • Temperature operation range: Between 41 and 86 F (5 to 30 Celsius)

Machine Includes

  • One spare parts kit containing:
  • Two replacement heating element.
  • Two replacement silicon flexible bar.
  • Two pump seals
  • Replacement PTFE film.
  • Double sided adhesive tape replacement.
  • Oil filling bottle
  • One vacuum pump oil container (500 ml).
  • Operations manual.
  • 250 Vacuum Bags Size 8 x 10

Other Specifications

  • Voltage 220VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Vacuum Pump Power 1.5KW (2 HP)
  • Seal Power: 750W Max

Warranty: This machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer 'return to base' warranty. In the event of a breakdown (which is extremely rare), simply send the machine to us and we will repair and send back to you.

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